Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings aren’t just a detail – they’re a statement. A blend of strength and beauty, our railings are designed to elevate the aesthetic of your home while providing unmatched durability. Whether it’s for your staircase, balcony, or garden, we have the perfect crafting and design expertise to bring your vision to life.

Achieve the look you’re after with railings that stand the test of time.

Wrought iron railings provide secure functionality while making a beautiful statement—incorporating designs that range from classic elegance to modern chic. Both indoors and out, wrought iron railings add interest and artistry to staircases and balconies with a wide range of designs that can be as simple or intricate. We take immense pride in custom crafting wrought iron railings that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  So, whether you’re looking to frame a grand entrance staircase or provide safety along a high walkway, we will work with you to create something that elevates the aesthetics of your space.

Limitless Options—Mix and Match Ideas from Any Project!

To get ideas for your next project, we encourage you to browse our design gallery. When doing so, keep in mind that because every project is custom fabricated, we can mix and match colors, shapes, materials, and more to create exactly the look you desire. Love the shape of one of our outdoor solutions, but planning an indoor install? No problem! See a staircase railing color that would be perfect for your balcony? We can do it! So, feel free to grab ideas from any part of NewmanIronworks.com or even an outside source as inspiration for your project.

High malleability

Allows for an endless variety of design options—from traditional scrolls to geometric/contemporary shapes and everything in between.


Intrinsic strength and resilience

Wrought iron delivers unmatched security and stability. Making it a great choice for high-use areas or spaces where safety is a priority.


Weather resistance

Means that wrought iron holds up under harsh weather conditions without warping, rotting, or sustaining other damage.


Low maintenance and care!

A simple coat of paint or protective finish every few years keeps outdoor wrought iron railings from rusting and maintains their sophisticated appearance. Indoors, they’re nearly maintenance-free!

Exterior Wrought Iron Railings

In our Exterior Iron Railings design galleries, you will find many examples of our custom made to order Wrought Iron Railings. Expertly fabricated and finished to your selected design and installed by superior craftsman. Providing you with high quality custom Exterior Iron Railings of long life and low maintenance.

Ornamental Exterior Wrought Iron Railing

Interior Wrought Iron Railings

Regardless of whether you are looking for a standard style interior wrought iron railing, or something more elaborate. We can make it happen with one-of-a-kind custom interior wrought iron railings. Expertly fabricated and installed by superior craftsman. Providing you with a high-quality railing of long life and low maintenance.

Ornamental Interior Wrought Iron Railing

Our metalwork artisans are not just painters; they are visionaries who breathe life into cold metal, transforming your railings into exquisite pieces of art. With an endless palette of colors and finishes at our disposal, we tailor the look to complement your space, ensuring that your new wrought iron railings don’t just meet expectations—they make a statement.

Color Sample


What Is Wrought Iron?
Wrought iron is a metal alloy. It differs from iron, a chemical element and durable metal used in construction and manufacturing, in that its carbon content is very low. Other elements, such as silicon, sulfur, phosphorous, and manganese, may be included in small amounts. Unlike other ferrous metals, wrought iron contains slag fibers, so it can sometimes resemble wood. There are roughly 250,000 slag inclusions per square inch, creating a desirable grain-like texture.
Where You Can Place Wrought Iron Railings?

Wrought iron railings are elegant and attractive enough to be placed everywhere, even if you don’t really need them. Railings can be used in different areas of your home, including:

  • On staircases to protect you from slipping, and to support you as you walk up and down them.
  • They’re placed on balconies and terraces to ensure there’s a barrier to prevent falls.
  • Wrought iron railings are also placed in gardens and backyards to create sections and segregate some areas of the property.
  • They can also be placed outside windows as faux balconies. This would add dimension and beauty to your exterior wall.
  • Dust and clean the railings regularly.
  • Look for scratches in the finish and signs of rust.
  • Refinish them at least once in two to three years to protect them from the elements.
What is the lifespan of wrought iron railing?

Wrought iron can last a long time if maintained. Keep checking frequently to see if the paint has peeled in any spot. If it has, repaint it because you do not want the rust to spread. In addition to looking good, paint protects the metal.

How much do wrought iron railings cost?

The cost of the railing can vary. It depends on the complexity of the design, the finish as well as how much railing is required.

Can a wrought iron railing be repaired?

The short answer is yes. In some cases, there are simple repairs that can be made right onsite to extend the useful life of your railing for many years to come. Other times, the rail will need to be removed and brought to our shop.