Metal Stair Railings

Metal Stair Railings combine timeless craftsmanship with modern design, these railings are more than just safety features – they are works of art. We are proud to offer our customers a full range of options in every metal, color, and design you can think of—each custom-made to exact specifications and design.

Metal Stair Railings that Elevate Your Space - Indoors or Outside.

The professionals at Newman Ironworks welcome the chance to create your perfect metal stair railing solution. Whether you prefer simple/modern, classic, or ornate designs, we will custom-fabricate something you love.  Metal stair railings make safe, durable, and beautiful choices for outdoor entry stairways, balconies, decks, and more. They can be as bold, understated, and as unique as the architectural style of your home’s exterior —all while enhancing safety and withstanding the elements.  Indoors, metal stair railings highlight the majesty of grand staircases, second-floor landing balconies, and more while providing security for household members and guests of all ages.

Limitless Options—Mix and Match Ideas from Any Project!

To get ideas for your next metal stair railing project, we encourage you to browse our design gallery. When doing so, keep in mind that because every project is custom fabricated, we can mix and match metal colors, shapes, materials, and more to create exactly the look you desire. Love the shape of one of our outdoor solutions, but planning an indoor install? No problem! See a staircase railing color that would be perfect for your balcony? We can do it! So, feel free to grab ideas from any part of website or even an outside source as inspiration for your project.


Stainless Steel

Often associated with contemporary design, stainless steel looks great indoors or outside while resisting rust and corrosion.


Wrought Iron

Always a classic choice, wrought iron stair railings offer an unmistakably rich and textured appearance. 



A light, yet durable option, aluminum offers the best of both worlds: strength and substance. 



Adding Bronze to a stair railing bring a warm, traditional touch to any property. They’re a gorgeous luxury choice used in upscale homes, estates, and historic renovation projects.


Available in a variety of Metals.

Such as Wrought Iron, Galvanized Iron, Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel,


Expertly fabricated and finished.

An extensive selection colors and finish types to choose from.


Installed by superior craftsman.

Providing you with high quality custom Exterior Iron Railings of long life and low maintenance.

A unique metal stair railing to match the unique style of your space.

Newman Ironworks is proud to offer customers metal stair railings that are custom-designed and fabricated to suit every taste and purpose. Choose from aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel, and bronze in any color or style. Each offers a unique look and specific benefits that enhance the aesthetics and safety of indoor staircases or outdoor steps.  We combine classic craftsmanship with modern design to create metal stair railings that are as durable and functional as they are beautiful. We love turning our clients’ ideas into reality and welcome the opportunity to create something unique, whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or gravitate towards traditional and ornate.

Metal Stair Railing Collage

From Timeless Solids to Vintage Patinas: Choose Your Perfect Finish

Choosing the right color for your metal stair railings is more than just a matter of aesthetic preference; it’s an opportunity to add depth and character to your space. Select from a diverse array of color options, from solids to patinas, to achieve your desired look. Our team is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your choice fits seamlessly with your interior or exterior design. Whether you’re aiming for a striking contrast that captivates attention or a subtle blend that complements your existing decor, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Trust us to transform your metal stair railings into stunning pieces that elevate your space both visually and practically.

Color Sample