Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is the best way to receive an estimate?

The best way, first and foremost is to use our Quote Request format on our website. It is user friendly and best to expedite a quick quote.

You can also send any information you have, photos, drawings, information, etc.. To estimate@newmanironworks.com. Usually there is a response time of approx. 72hrs. More involved estimates may take a little longer.

How do I measure for the project I need? What does linear footage (LF) mean?

Please see our instructional guides of how to measure projects on our web site. ** Basically, it is measuring from point A to point B in length on areas where you need projects. This will accumulate the total footage length of your needs.

Do you have a printed catalog?

We do not have a printed catalog. Our website is constantly being updated. www.newmanironworks.com

Does Newman Ironworks ship products ?

 Yes, we can ship any product we offer most anywhere. An estimate for shipping can be provided to see the costs of your project. Local shipping in the vicinity of 7-8hrs is most cost effective.

Can your product be installed by others? Homeowners, Contractors etc.?

Yes, are products are installer friendly. We are available to help with any situation.

Do we work with Architects, Designers, Builders as well as homeowners etc.?

Yes, we work with all groups. Aiding to provide fine quality metalcraft with a satisfying result. Thru consultation, CAD drawings, design resource etc.

Does Newman Ironworks offer customization such as bending, rolling, water jet and plasma cutting, custom painting and faux finishing , polishing etc.?

Yes, all of the above. Our fabrication shop will provide you with all types of customizations for railings, gates, stairs, including spirals, fencing, furniture, signage, art and custom ornamental pcs.

What type of metal does Newman Ironworks use for outdoor projects?

The two most common choices are Iron (carbon steel) and Aluminum (alloy). As well as Stainless steel and bronze for particular projects.
Basic differences are carbon steel has high strength and durability, recommended for high durability areas, yet surface finishing and maintenance are vital to esthetics and longevity. (Repeat painting can be necessary, galvanizing is recommended)
Aluminum has a lesser strength characteristic, but less maintenance. Using slightly larger materials for ea. Project can off set this. Some periodic washing with a car soap is recommended. Aluminum is recommended for saltwater seashore areas. Also, it is a good selection when concerned with weight, such as false balconies, lesser structural areas.

What types of metal does Newman Ironworks use for indoor projects?

Most commonly iron, stainless and bronze. Particularly for railings, gates, stairs, etc. Due to its high strength and durability and little or no maintenance needed.

Does Newman Ironworks offer service and maintenance of its products?

Yes, we can provide service and maintenance within our delivery range.